New Judges of the Constitutional Court
On 27 March 2017, Prof. Dr Marijan Pavčnik, Prof. Dr Matej Accetto, and DDr Klemen Jaklič assumed the office of judges of the Constitutional Court.

On 26 March 2017, the term of office of Constitutional Court judges Jasna Pogačar, Dr Mitja Deisinger, and Jan Zobec expired.

25 Years

25 Years

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06.10.2016 Up-760/14
06.10.2016 Up-6/15
14.07.2016 P-1/15
21.04.2016 U-I-166/14
11.03.2016 Up-648/14

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28.05.2015 Up-1177/12, Up-89/14 Judgment of the Supreme Court No. II Ips 11/2008, dated 10 September 2012 ...
20.04.2015 Up-879/14 Supreme Court Judgment No. I Ips 2457/2010, dated 1 October 2014, Higher Co...
04.12.2014 U-I-269/12 Organisation and Financing of Education Act (Official Gazette RS, Nos. 16/0...