Guide through the Constitutional Court

1. What is the Constitutional Court?

The Constitutional Court is an independent and autonomous state authority which carries out constitutional review – it is the highest body of the judiciary for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Slovenia and a guardian of constitutionality and legality.The decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding. In relation to other state authorities, the Constitutional Court is an autonomous and independent state authority. The seat of the Constitutional Court is in Ljubljana.

Frequently Asked Questions


18. Can I motion for the disqualification of a Constitutional Court judge?

Participants in proceedings may motion for the disqualification of a Constitutional Court judge deciding on a certain case by applying, mutatis mutandis, the reasons for disqualification in court proceedings. A motion for disqualification may be submitted until the beginning of the public hearing, if such hearing is scheduled, or respectively until the beginning of the closed session of the Constitutional Court at which the case is to be decided. The motion must include a statement of reasons.