Guide through the Constitutional Court

5. Constitutional Court Judges

The Constitutional Court is composed of nine judges, elected on the proposal of the President of the Republic by the National Assembly in a manner provided by law. The Constitutional Court judges are elected from among legal experts. The Constitutional Court judges are elected for a term of nine years and may not be re-elected. The President of the Constitutional Court is elected by the judges from among their own number for a term of three years. More

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Constitutional Court?

The Constitutional Court is an independent and autonomous state authority which carries out constitutional review – it is the highest body of the judiciary for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Slovenia and a guardian of constitutionality and legality. The principal powers of the Constitutional Court include reviewing the constitutionality of laws, reviewing the constitutionality and legality of other regulations, and deciding on constitutional complaints stemming from the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms by individual acts of state authorities, local community authorities, and bearers of public authority.