The Local Self-Government Act

Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 94/07 - official consolidated text, 76/08 and 79/09

Article 47a

A municipal council calls a referendum within fifteen days of the adoption of a decision on the proposal or of the submission of a request by voters to call a referendum.
By a legal act on the calling of a referendum, the municipal council sets out the contents of the issue to be decided upon in the referendum, as well as the date that is deemed to be the date for calling the referendum, the area covered by the referendum, and the day of voting.

If the municipal council deems that the content of the submitted request to call a referendum is contrary to the Constitution and law, it may request that the Constitutional Court decide thereon. The municipal council may submit such request from the day the request was submitted and no later than by the expiry of the time limit for calling a referendum. The Constitutional Court decides on the request of the municipal council within 15 days.

The legal act on the calling of a referendum is published in a manner determined by the statute of the municipality for the publication of the general acts of the municipality.

Article 90c
Upon the proposal of the Government, the National Assembly decides that a municipal council be dissolved or a mayor dismissed.

Before issuing an order on the dissolution of the municipal council or the dismissal of the mayor, the National Assembly must issue a warning to the municipal council or the mayor, respectively, regarding their unlawful actions and propose how they should remedy the unlawfulness within an appropriate period of time. If the municipal council or mayor act in accordance with the warning, the National Assembly discontinues the procedure for the dissolution or dismissal by an order.

The National Assembly dissolves the municipal council or dismisses the mayor if it establishes that the reasons for the unlawfulness were not remedied, that all more lenient measures determined by law have been taken, and that the early dissolution of the municipal council or the dismissal of the mayor is in the given case an appropriate and necessary measure for ensuring local self-governance in the municipality.

Within thirty days after receiving the order of the National Assembly referred to in the preceding paragraph, the municipal council or mayor may submit a request for the review of the constitutionality of such. If the request is not submitted within the time limit or if it is not granted, the municipal council is dissolved or the mayor dismissed on the day of the publication of the decision of the National Assembly or Constitutional Court.