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President of the Constitutional Court Participates in the Congress on the Occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the ACCPUF
The Association of Constitutional Courts using the French Language (Association des Cours constitutionnel ayant en partage l'usage du français – ACCPUF) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. On this occasion, the French Constitutional Council (Conseil constitutionnel), which is the seat of the ACCPUF, held a solemn congress on 16 and 17 November 2017 in Paris. Dr Jadranka Sovdat, President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia, also participated in the Congress. She was accompanied by Tina Prešeren, Head of the Analysis and International Cooperation Department. The Slovene Constitutional Court has been a full member of the ACCPUF since the year 2000.

The participants of the Congress discussed the methods of drafting constitutional court decisions. The main theme of the Congress was divided into three thematic sessions. President Dr Jadranka Sovdat participated in the first round table, which featured the experiences of the representatives of different constitutional courts in the work organisation relating to drafting decisions. In her paper entitled "Le rôle des référendaires dans la qualité des décisions" (The Role of Legal Advisers of the Constitutional Court in Ensuring the Quality of Decisions), Dr Jadranka Sovdat examined various aspects of collaboration between legal advisers and constitutional court judges and the influence of their collaboration on the quality of the reasoning of decisions. Prof. Mathieu Disant, a professor at the University of Lyon-Etienne, was moderating the round tables of the Congress. In the opening of the first round table he presented a legal comparative analysis of the responses of the participating constitutional courts to the questionnaire on the methods of drafting decisions that had been provided in advance, and concluded by presenting a general overview of the topics discussed, based on the papers presented and discussions held during the Congress. The Congress ended on Friday with presentations of practical cases from the field of redaction methods.