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All decisions the Constitutional Court adopted since independence of Slovenia, with the exception of orders rejecting constitutional complaints or not accepting them for consideration on the merits that contain as reasoning only the reference to the statutory basis of the decision and the composition of the panel of the Constitutional Court (the fourth paragraph of Article 55c of the Constitutional Court Act), are published on this website.

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OdlUS VI, 132 | 16.10.1997


Registration Rules of the Chess Association of Slovenia Dated 8 March 1997, Art. 5, Para. 3 Rules on Criteria and the Highest Compensation for the Transfers of Players of the Chess Association of Slovenia Dated 24 February 1996


OdlUS V, 2 | 11.01.1996


Regulations on Wages in Petrol Zemeljski plin d.o.o., Ljubljana, Article 11


OdlUS III, 77 | 30.06.1994


Resolution of the Work Council of the company Adria Airways of 14 February 1994. Act on Employment of Foreigners (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 33/92), Article 23, paragraph 1.


OdlUS IV, 40 | 20.04.1995


Statutes of the Public company for electric power distribution, Nova Gorica.


OdlUS IV, 13 | 16.02.1995


Resolutions concerning radio and television subscription rates (Official Gazette of RS, Nos. 12/93, 28/93 and 17/94).


OdlUS II, 125 | 23.12.1993


Act on the reorganisation of the airport company Aerodrom Portorož, d.o.o., Sečovlje (Primorske novice, Official promulgation, no. 14/93)


Official Gazette of the RS, no. 6/93 and OdlUS I, 108 | 24.12.1992


Resolution of the Council of the Bank of Slovenia concerning the general discount rate of the Bank of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 17/91-I), item 2 Resolution of the Council of the Bank of Slovenia concerning the method of calculation required in converting interest rates from dinar to tolar amounts (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, nos. 19/91-I and 20/91-I), item 4


OdlUS II, 63 | 08.07.1993


Rules of the water supply organization Rižanski vodovod Koper concerning the criteria of price formation from 1985 and its modifications and amendments from 1988, Article 8.


OdlUS II, 64 | 08.07.1993


Resolution of the workers' council of the public utility company Komunala Koper on the announcement of prices of municipal services (published in Primorske novice, Official Announcements of the Municipalities of Ilirska Bistrica, Izola, Koper, Piran, Postojna and Sežana, no. 9/92). Resolution of the Executive Council of the Assembly of the Association of Coastal Municipalities of Koper, dated 28 May 1992.


OdlUS II, 65 | 08.07.1993


Statutes of the Public Enterprise Ljubljanske tržnice (Ljubljana Market) of 18 December 1992, Articles 3, 8, 9, 10, 22, 23 and 30.


OdlUS II, 90 | 07.10.1993


Rules of procedure on the election of representatives of institutes on the council of institutes of the Clinical Centre Ljubljana, of 23.7.1992


OdlUS I, 4 | 06.02.1992


Regulations of the Production Department (TOZD Proizvodnja) within the scope of the PAP Ljubljana work organization (DO PAP Ljubljana), on Internal Organization and Specification of Jobs and Tasks, dated 25 June 1984 Regulations on Internal Organization and Specification of Jobs and Tasks in PAP-INTEL Telecommunication and Cable Equipment Ljubljana (PAP-INTEL, podjetje za telekomunikacijsko in kabelsko opremo Ljubljana), dated 16 April 1990


OdlUS I, 15 | 12.03.1992


Resolution of the RTV Slovenija Council of Jan 15, 1991 (published in the Informator RTV Slovenija No. 1/91, dated Jan. 21, 1991).


OdlUS VIII, 86 | 22.04.1999


Charter of the Student Organization of Maribor University (Official Gazette RS, No. 42/97) Ordinance on the Election of Representatives to the Student Parliament of the Student Organization Maribor (Student Official Gazette, dated 16 Jun. 1997)


OdlUS VIII, 230 | 21.10.1999


Decree on the Transformation of the Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana Public Corporation, f.l. Šfull liabilityĆ, into the Termoelektrarna Toplarna Ljubljana Public Corporation, Ltd. (Official Gazette RS, No. 49/97)


OdlUS VIII, 233 | 28.10.1999


Rules on the Systemization of Working Posts in the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia dated 3 June 1999


OdlUS X, 47 | 15.03.2001


Rules on the Advancement in a Work Position of the University of Maribor, issued by the President of this University dated 28 June 1994


OdlUS X, 48 | 15.03.2001


Rules on the Advancement of Employees in Schools Regarding Titles (Official Gazette RS, Nos. 64/96, 33/2000 and 101/2000) Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Activities of Education and Training in the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette RS, Nos. 52/94, 49/95, 34/96, 45/96, 51/98, 28/99, 39/99, and 39/2000) Act on Salaries of Workers in Educational Institutes (Official Gazette RS, Nos. 16/92, 13/93, 42/93, 18/94 and 36/96) (ZPDJVZ), Art. 14.2 and 3 Rules on the Advancement of Employees in Kindergartens and Schools Concerning Payment Classification (Official Gazette RS, Nos. 41/94, 49/95, 66/96 and 54/99), Art. 2.1, 4.2, 11.8


OdlUS VI, 5 | 16.01.1997


Rules on Internal Structure within the Geodetic Department of the Slovenian Administration dated 24 January 1996


OdlUS VII, 174 | 23.09.1998


Rules on the Liability for Work Obligations and Damages of VDC Polž Institution, Art. 7, Para. 1, It. 1