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All decisions the Constitutional Court adopted since independence of Slovenia, with the exception of orders rejecting constitutional complaints or not accepting them for consideration on the merits that contain as reasoning only the reference to the statutory basis of the decision and the composition of the panel of the Constitutional Court (the fourth paragraph of Article 55c of the Constitutional Court Act), are published on this website.

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Official Gazette of the RS, no. 75/94 and OdlUS III, 124 | 09.11.1994


Resolution on pension base amount for assessment of old-age pension of an insured person who failed, subsequent to 1 January 1966, to complete one year of insurance period, the wages from which are used in calculating the pension base (Official Gazette of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, no. 41/83).


OdlUS I, 17 | 19.03.1992


Resolution by the Pension and Disability Insurance Agency of Slovenia regarding the determination of jobs in forestry and transportation (drivers) with acknowledged enhanced period of service and the enhancement rate thereof (Official Gazette of SRS, No. 19/75 and 43/82)


Official Gazette of RS, št. 51/98 and OdlUS VII, 139 | 24.06.1998


Rules on compulsory health insurance (Official Gazette of RS, No. 3/98), article 257.