Guide through the Constitutional Court

1. What is the Constitutional Court?

The Constitutional Court is an independent and autonomous state authority which carries out constitutional review – it is the highest body of the judiciary for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Slovenia and a guardian of constitutionality and legality.The decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding. In relation to other state authorities, the Constitutional Court is an autonomous and independent state authority. The seat of the Constitutional Court is in Ljubljana.

Frequently Asked Questions


6. Is there a prescribed time limit in which a petition or constitutional complaint must be lodged?

A petition to initiate the procedure for the review of the constitutionality or legality of regulations or general acts issued for the exercise of public authority is not bound by the prescribed time limit, except in instances in which regulations or general acts issued for the exercise of public authority have direct effects and interfere with the rights, legal interests, or legal position of the petitioner. In such instances a petition may be lodged within one year after such act enters into force or within one year after the day the petitioner learns of the occurrence of harmful consequences.

A constitutional complaint must be lodged within 60 days of the day the individual act against which a constitutional complaint is admissible is served. For example: if you were served a Supreme Court decision on 15 May, the time limit to lodge a constitutional complaint starts to run on 16 May and expires on the 60th day following; if the 60th day is a Saturday, Sunday, statutory holiday, or non-working day in accordance with the Holidays and Non-Working Days in the Republic of Slovenia Act, the time limit expires the next following working day.