About the CourtLegal BasisConstitutional Court ActI. GENERAL PROVISIONS (Articles 1 - 8)

I. GENERAL PROVISIONS (Articles 1 - 8)

Article 1

(1) The Constitutional Court is the highest body of the judicial power for the protection of constitutionality, legality, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

(2) In relation to other state authorities, the Constitutional Court is an autonomous and independent state authority.

(3) The decisions of the Constitutional Court are binding.

Article 2
(1) The seat of the Constitutional Court is in Ljubljana.

(2) The Constitutional Court regulates its organisation and work by its Rules of Procedure and other general acts.

Article 3
(1) The work of the Constitutional Court is public where provided by this Act.

(2) In order to decide matters in its jurisdiction, the Constitutional Court collects and processes personal data on participants* in proceedings or data communicated to the Court by participants or state authorities, local community authorities, or bearers of public authority that is needed for the Constitutional Court to decide.

(3) With regard to the processing and protection of the personal data referred to in the preceding paragraph, the Constitutional Court applies the law which regulates the protection of personal data.
*Any reference in this Act to a person of the male sex shall be deemed to also constitute a reference to a person of the female sex, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.

Article 4
(1) Participants in proceedings before the Constitutional Court have the right to inspect the case file at all times during the proceedings, while other persons may do so if the President of the Constitutional Court allows such.

(2) If the inspection of a case file is denied, an objection may be lodged within three days of the service of such denial. The objection is decided upon by the Constitutional Court at a closed session.

Article 5
State authorities, local community authorities, and bearers of public authority must provide to the Constitutional Court for inspection any data, files, and documents requested, whereas the courts must additionally provide the Constitutional Court with legal assistance.

Article 6

(1) For procedural questions which are not regulated by this Act, the Constitutional Court applies mutatis mutandis the statutory provisions regulating court proceedings with due consideration of the legal nature of the case.

(2) By its Rules of Procedure, the Constitutional Court regulates in more detail the rules of procedure determined by law.

Article 7
(1) The Constitutional Court appoints a Secretary General of the Constitutional Court, who carries out the tasks determined by this Act and the Rules of Procedure of the Constitutional Court.

(2) The Constitutional Court appoints advisors to the Constitutional Court from among legal and other experts.

(3) The Constitutional Court may accept interns and trainees in accordance with the law.

Article 8
(1) Funds for the work of the Constitutional Court are determined by the National Assembly upon the proposal of the Constitutional Court and constitute a part of the budget of the Republic of Slovenia.

(2) The Constitutional Court decides on the use of the funds referred to in the preceding paragraph.

(3) Supervision of the use of the funds referred to in the first paragraph of this article is performed by the Court of Audit.