About the CourtLegal BasisConstitutional Court ActVI. JURISDICTIONAL DISPUTES (Articles 61 - 62)


Article 61

(1) A request for a decision on jurisdictional disputes between courts and other state authorities and on jurisdictional disputes between the National Assembly, the President of the Republic, and the Government, may be submitted by an affected authority within 90 days of the day it ascertains that another authority has interfered with or assumed its jurisdiction.

(2) If a jurisdictional dispute arises because several authorities refuse jurisdiction in a particular matter, a decision on such jurisdictional dispute may be requested by the authority to which the matter was assigned, but which is of the opinion that the matter is not within its jurisdiction.

(3) A petition to resolve a jurisdictional dispute may also be lodged by a party in the proceedings due to which the jurisdictional dispute arose.

(4) By a decision the Constitutional Court establishes which authority has jurisdiction, and it may also abrogate or annul a regulation or general act issued for the exercise of public authority whose unconstitutionality or unlawfulness has been established in deciding on such.

Article 62
In jurisdictional disputes between the state and local communities and among local communities themselves, the provisions of the preceding article are applied mutatis mutandis.