The book comprises 64 decisions and orders of the Constitutional Court focusing on a greater part of the constitutional subject matter. The selected decisions refer to a number of complex constitutional issues, and due to their precedential nature entail an important constituent part of the legal order of the Republic of Slovenia. This book will therefore be an interesting read for legal professionals as well as the general public.

The book of selected decisions in the Slovene language can be purchased at the price of EUR 68.00 (postage not included); contact: or (01) 4776 400.

The selected decisions are also available in pdf format free of charge. They can be downloaded at the following  link or by clicking on the button below.

In 2016, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia celebrates the 25th anniversary of its functioning in the independent and sovereign state. On this occasion, the Constitutional Court published a special collection of its most important decisions adopted from the time of the declaration of independence until 2016.