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Franc Grad was born in 1948 in Ljubljana, where he finished a gymnasium, and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana in 1970. In the same year he was employed by the Assembly of the SR of Slovenia, and later by the District Court in Ljubljana where he passed his lawyers state exam in 1973. Thereafter he was employed by the Secretariat of the Executive Council for Legislation, and during 1982 and 1983 again by the republic assembly. Since 1984 he has been employed by the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, where he became a full professor of constitutional law in 1996. From 1991 until 2006 he was the head of the Department of Constitutional Law, while presently he is the head of the Center for Constitutional Law at the Institute of Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana. At the faculty of law he teaches besides constitutional law also comparative constitutional law, electoral and parliamentary law, European constitutional law, and local self-government.
In 1984 he was awarded a Master of Laws degree for his paper entitled “Elections in a Delegates System, and in 1987 a Doctor of Laws degree for his thesis entitled “The Legislative Function of the SR of Slovenia”. He also upgraded his professional education foreign countries (Italy, USA, UK, France and Germany). During his entire work at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana he has researched in various fields of constitutional law. He took part in all the most important legislative projects from the area of state arrangement in Slovenia, particularly concerning the electoral system and the local self-government. Furthermore, he was a member of the seven-member group which made a draft of the new Slovene constitution (the so-called Podvin Constitution), and a member of the expert group of the National Assembly which has in recent years been engaged in dealing with constitutional amendments. Either himself or in cooperation with associates, he also made a series of professional legal opinions from the area of constitutional law for the National Assembly, the Constitutional Court, and other state authorities.

He has written numerous articles from the area of constitutional law and several monographs from this area (Elections and the Electoral System, The Parliament and the Government, Local Democracy, etc.), and as a co-author participated in several textbooks on constitutional law and many other expert and science books in Slovenia and abroad. By his contributions he participated in numerous scientific conferences and expert meetings in Slovenia and abroad. As an expert he is also a member of the committee of European experts for the area of local self-government at the Council of Europe and a member of the association of European experts for local self-government “ARCOLE”. Also, he takes part in the activities of the summer school on comparative constitutional review in Europe at the Faculty of Law in Trento, Italy.