The Conference of European Courts was founded by the Austrian Constitutional Court, the Constitutional Court of Italy, the Federal Constitutional Court of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the then Yugoslav Federal Constitutional Court. The founding session of the Conference was in Dubrovnik, in 1972. The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia was accepted as full member of the Conference at the congress in Budapest, 1994, together with the Constitutional Courts of Croatia, Romania, Andorra, and the Supreme Court of Cyprus. Today the Conference contains 36 full members, of which the Supreme Courts of Estonia, Ireland and Norway were accepted at the last preparatory meeting of presidents in Nikosia.
At this congress the presidents and judges of constitutional courts and supreme courts exercising constitutional review discussed the limitation of human rights as reflected in constitutional review. On the basis of the previously prepared extensive national reports of participants, the following discussion, Mr. Georgios M. Pikis, former President of the Supreme Court of Cyprus, now judge of the International Criminal Court, delivered conclusions of the congress. Among other issues, he pointed out the significance of a dialogue between constitutional courts, which as the guardians of legal orders must ensure respect for human rights. These are universal in their nature, and the essence of humanity. They represent the only unifying force in this world. Individuals’ human rights must be exercised along with respect for others’ human rights, and cannot be subject to permission, but must be generally recognized. The human rights of the so-called third generation, the contents of which are most frequently filled in by statutory regulation (e.g. the right to a healthy living environment, consumer protection, etc.) must be equally protected as other human rights. Human rights impose a positive obligation on the society to provide such, while the ordinary judiciary and the constitutional judiciary must make sure that no political regime can shake such foundations of the society.
According to the decision of the Circle of Presidents, which is empowered to reach decisions, the next, XIVth Conference of European Courts, will be held in Lithuania.

The Constitutional Court’s delegation of the Republic of Slovenia in Nikosia at the XIIIth Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts

Nikosia, Cyprus, 15th to 19th May 2005

The Constitutional Court’s delegation leaded by President Prof. Dr. Janez Čebulj took part in the XIIIth Congress of the Conference of European Constitutional Courts. The delegation also included Constitutional Judge Prof. Dr. Dragica Wedam Lukić, Constitutional Judge Prof. Dr. Ciril Ribičič, and Secretary General Jadranka Sovdat, LL.M.